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How I Became a chef and what does HUNGER 404 mean.

"Culinary" a career that is one of the best and in demand all over the world.
As a young lad growing up to see my mom cook and fascinated to see admiring chefs on TV gave me the idea of cooking which turned into a hobby and then made it as my profession. along the way and aspiring to a chef there were many hardship that came along the way but the perseverance motivated my will and desire to go on.....
Winning many accolades and learning from one of the best chefs of the Industry i herby present to you
In the world of technology 404 is termed as an error.
similarly our body too has an that is HUNGER.
So as chef i would like to share with you reciepes and fun facts with regards to food that can put an end to your problem.
Hacks and tricks to get easy quick dishes for your pallete and yours tummies.
please stay tuned or you can always contact me for any culinary question.
Thank you.

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