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3cups dried chickpeas

¾ cups of water

½ a cup of ice.

½ a cup tahini.

3Tbsp lemon juice.

Salt to taste.

1tbsp cumin powder.

EVOO(extra virgin olive oil) 1 cup.


1)Soak the chick peas for at least min of 12 hours over overnight.

2By the now the chickpeas are more less double in size.

Give them a good rinse.

3)In a large sauce pot add water and the chicken peas and boil till the chickpeas begin to break apart.

4)Shut the flame off and place the chick peas in an ice bath.

5)Strain the excess water and put them in a food processor.

6)Blend the chickpeas along with water and ice.

7)Add tahini and blend till smooth puree. Continue blending by slowly add the olive oil till semi solid consistency.

Season the hummus with salt and cumin powder.

8)Refrigerate the hummus for about ½ an hour to set.

Your hummus is ready to be served.

Variations of the hummus can be made by adding jalapenos and olive / or paprika / or chopped basil leaves.

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